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Ramp Armor surfacing is perfect for your indoor or outdoor projects. Our superior technology and ISO 9000 certified processes provide the highest quality material at prices that are more coste effective than traditional alternatives. It's also resistant to the effects of weather and is able to withstand high usage wear and tear delivered by skateboarding and BMX.

Ramp Armor bmx bike

Ramp Armor is the most consistent, toughest ramp surface I’ve seen or used in 19 years of building and skating ramps. The grip to slip ratio is perfect and the stuff lasts better than anything out there. On top of that, the guys are great to work with. You’ll be using it sooner or later

Mark Waters

Emerica Promotions Manager / Skater / Photographer

Ramp Armor is the best - I recommend it whether you're a beginner or not!

Kyle Lenyard

Ramp Armor skater